Clogged drains can be a significant inconvenience. Fortunately, professional plumbers have the tools and expertise to unclog drains quickly and efficiently. But how do they do it? Let’s take a look at a few of the techniques that plumbers use to get those blocked pipes back up and running again.

Water Jetting

One of the most effective methods for unclogging drains is water jetting. This involves using highly pressurized water to break through blockages in the pipe. The powerful stream of water is directed into the drain, which breaks up any debris or clogs causing the issue. In addition to being very effective, this method is less disruptive than other ways of clearing out pipes, as it doesn’t involve dismantling any sections of the plumbing system.

Snaking or Augering

If water jetting isn’t an option, then another standard method used by plumbers is snaking or augering. This involves using a unique tool called a drill that looks like a long metal snake with a corkscrew-like tip on one end. The plumber will insert the drill into the clogged drain and turn its handle until it reaches whatever is blocking it. Then they can remove whatever material is causing the obstruction and clear out the pipe.

Chemical Cleaners

In some cases, chemical cleaners may help unclog stubborn drains. These are typically solutions of caustic chemicals poured down into the clogged pipe and allowed to sit for several hours (sometimes even days). During this time, these chemicals will gradually eat away at whatever material is blocking your drain until it can be flushed away with hot water or suctioned out with an industrial vacuum cleaner. While this method can break down certain materials like grease or soap scum, it should generally only be used as a last resort as these chemicals can be corrosive and damage pipes over time if not handled properly.

Drain clogs can cause significant headaches, but luckily, professional plumbers have plenty of tools to fix them quickly and effectively. From high-powered water jets to specialized tools like drills and even chemical cleaners, many different methods are available for getting your pipes back in working order fast! Whether you’re dealing with minor backups or massive blockages, don’t hesitate to call in a professional plumber so they can get your drains flowing smoothly once again!

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